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Selected Transactions

Case Studies



BCMS Switzerland SA has advised Jubin Frères SA and its shareholders, a group managing the sale and transport of vehicle fuel and heating oil through the operation and development of a network of services stations and shops, on its sale to Swiss company Swiss Energy Holding SA, a group active in the acquisition, holding, administration and management of participations in commercial, industrial, & financial companies.

Established more than 50 years ago Jubin Frères SA operates one of the largest independent manned and unmanned service station networks in Switzerland comprising 125+ fuel and nonfuel retail (NFR) sites, with a growing number of shops selling hot and cold food alongside other sundry goods. In addition, the company provides pre-paid loyalty card services to its customers with access to participating hotels and spas, restaurants, and competitions, thereby increasing the loyalty of customers as well as of its commercial partners joining the growing network. The company also offers outsourced tank overhaul and maintenance through independent providers, alongside the sale of heating oil through direct sales as well as via the network. Jubin Frères SA has a strategy of continuous modernization to meet the trends of motorists who wish to refuel, and who at the same time, want to find spaces during a journey, for rest and nourishment. As such it has been expanding the range of products available at each of its manned sites, growing its geographic footprint, refurbishment of existing sites and building on a brand equity that spans 5 decades. 

On the back of this current trend BCMS conducted an extensive worldwide search to find the best acquirer for Jubin Frères SA, achieving an international list of more than 120 key potential buyers spread between Europe, Northern America, the Middle East and Asia. The overall interest included 4 oil majors with turnovers ranging from US$ 10Bn+ and up to US$ 200bn. He added “the quandary for our team lay in managing the market response to the opportunity, with competitive bidders wishing to enter the process even beyond the offer deadline. In the end the exhaustive search conducted by BCMS combined with its strict management of the bidding process created outstanding value for the family owners of Jubin Frères SA and their partners, achieving a material difference between the lowest and the highest offer.



Belgian headquartered Bontexgeo the European market leader in geotextiles, backed by private equity firm Nimbus headquartered in Zeist, Netherlands with offices in the UK and Germany, has acquired Stratex SA one of the leading geotextile material suppliers to the highway construction and repair sector in Switzerland.

About Stratex SA - Stratex SA is positioned No. 3 in Switzerland and specialises in the supply of own brand geosynthetics serving markets such as roadbuilding, building construction, flat roof drainage, retention, or protection as well as landscaping industries. Founded in 1998, Stratex is one of Switzerland’s strongest players, operating in a market with 71,500 kilometres of roads, and an extremely dense transportation network. Over the next three years the Swiss government has committed more than €9 billion to road building & infrastructure repairs.

BCMS Client commented: “The whole team at Stratex is delighted to have joined Bontexgeo as the outcome of BCMS' clearly defined process. We were particularly impressed by BCMS’ team availability, commitment and tenacity throughout the entire transaction. From a process perspective, BCMS’ 30-year history and expertise in selling companies, their advice and ongoing support, allowed us to successfully complete our objectives. From day one the team provided strong leadership, guidance and counsel throughout the sale process resulting in a buyer that will assist Stratex SA to enter a new and exciting next chapter.”

BCMS Lead Advisor Aymeric d’Anselme commented “Stratex SA stands out as a clear market leader with a compelling story of ongoing success even throughout the pandemic. The company was able to onboard many more clients during 2020 as well as to increase its footprint across German speaking Switzerland. Nimbus and its portfolio company Bontexgeo provide the perfect strategic home for Stratex SA, and it was a pleasure to work closely with the executive management of Stratex to complete this landmark deal.  We anticipate that with the combination of the financial strength of Nimbus, the international reputation of Bontexgeo, one of Europe’s most important technical textile companies, and the regional market position of Stratex SA, together these elements will provide a strong recipe for ongoing continued success”

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