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Talk to our seasoned M&A experts if you are looking to develop a clearly defined, milestone driven tactical sales approach to the sale of your company to a strategic acquirer. If you have already been approached by an acquirer, our team can assist in establishing the competitive environment needed to ensure that you sell at the right price and for favorable terms and conditions. Make sure that you have a 'choice' of acquirers. There is nothing more important than being able to compare one offer against another. Whilst every offer has a financial consideration you will also want to know that you have found the right home for the company you have built. We work with you to secure the best price as well as the best future home for your business.

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Working with highly experienced M&A researchers and data miners, we fully explore the international market to identify the right target buyers from around the world. Working with our financial analysts and marketing specialists we tailor design marketing and financial documentation to attract acquirers to investigate the opportunity. We facilitate multiple offers from competitive bidders. We negotiate the price and agree the terms and conditions. We manage the due diligence process & we maintain & enhance the agreed price to conclude the transaction.

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Selling a company is one of the most private and personal matters to be undertaken by any company owner. We share the journey together with you, by discreetly managing the process from A to Z. We work across time zones to ensure whether your ultimate buyer is based in your home country, in wider Europe, in the Americas, Asia or in any other part of the world, each and every part of the process is managed in close working partnership with you as the exiting shareholder.

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Whilst we do not offer legal or tax advice, BCMS has a long history of working with some of the best M&A Law Firms and Tax Advisors to ensure that your transaction is conducted in the smoothest and most tax efficient way. Although our clients are not obliged to use our recommended partners, having worked with them for many years we would nevertheless highly recommend talking to one of these firms.

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