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Our Services

Our M&A advisory services are there to assist you in understanding the potential opportunities, risks and benefits of selling your company through the most thorough exploration of the market alongside deep analysis of the company for sale . Selling a company is a highly complex process and with more than 30 years experience working with companies with a 5 to 500 million transaction value it is not simply a case of matching A with B.  Understanding the dynamics of your business together with the dynamics of the market and buyer landscape is an essential part of our work. That is why it is important to take a project driven approach.   

Project Briefing

Preparation and agreement of a project brief, covering any or all of the activities on the non-exhaustive list below:

Business history, products / services and associated USP's and differentiators, Market information, assets employed in business, management team and structure, business opportunities and finances.

Review the business brief and performance

Initial SWOT analysis, Management structure and shareholder review, P&L and balance sheet, cash, Turnover, cost, profit trends, key financial ratios.

Carry out initial desk and telephone research, covering;

Industry analysis (competitor, complimentary and diverse players.

Market sector activity (M&A, investment flows etc.)

Collate key business documentation in the BCMS data-room

Prepare a business plan, including;

Review historic financial results, assess underlying profitability, consider opportunities (growth, diversification etc.), discuss areas of potential (including improvements, economies of scale). build a profit plan, prepare a summary document.

Agree Marketing Documents

Initiate confidential contact with the market, prospective investors / potential acquirers, agree and classify list of potential interested parties, make direct contact with potential interested parties, qualify interest through direct communication, arrange meetings with interested parties.

Enter prospect discussions

Facilitate exploratory meetings, invite offers, negotiate thereon,

Seek final deal completion where an offer is accepted

Discuss and agree heads of terms / letters of intent, negotiate deal structure including the negotiation of surplus cash / net debt calculations, assist in due diligence process as required - provide secure access to M&A dataroom, Firmex, Liaise with external advisors, legal teams, tax specialists etc. 

Advice based on direct contact with the market

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Analysis, feedback, positioning, adjusting, & market intelligence allow our teams to create an evolving plan when it comes to making a market approach.

To advise our clients correctly, it is important that at each part of the process we engage the right specialist. It is why we have dedicated researchers, qualified in data mining, utilizing all the market leading data resources to map the world in terms of potential buyers, it is why we dedicate a project manager to your team to draw together the full experience of our advisors for your benefit. Beyond the essential desk research, this includes, telephone researchers to talk to the market and the key players, providing the essential feedback needed to steer the project in the right direction, business analysts to work with you throughout the lifespan on the project so that financial information is kept up to date and so that buyers can understand how your business is performing even whilst the project is live.


We dedicate specialist document writers to analyse and then present your company in the key documents needed to win the attention of buyers across the spectrum, whether private equity, trade buyers, conglomerates, or others. We engage with our negotiators, who constantly analyse risk and opportunity with the aim of  constantly explaining the benefits and opportunities presented by your company in their hands. Essentially, a list of buyers might include 50 to 200 prospects, that have been analysed by our research department. This full exploration of the market assists in creating the best opportunity for you to sell your business.

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