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BCMS Switzerland

BCMS Switzerland

Delivering Creative M&A Advice & Solutions

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The BCMS Switzerland Story

Three decades of advisory & transaction experience

​Launched in 2012 as part of the international expansion of the BCMS Family of Companies owned by the Rebbettes Family, BCMS Switzerland SA was initially located at what is now the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) in Pully, Vaud. Today the company is headquartered in the beautiful Port of Ouchy on the shores of Lac Leman from where it operates as a key partner to companies across Switzerland and Europe in the mid-market space acting as their principal and discrete M&A advisor. The company has an antenna in the vicinity of Zurich. Clients choose to work with us because of our 30-year track record in selling companies to financially strong strategic acquirers from all over the world.

The company benefits from a wealth of transactional experience in both domestic & cross-border deals. Almost 80% of our projects and transactions involve an international dimension. Our clients benefit from M&A advice & project delivery capabilities that enable us to manage the M&A process from A to Z working across all the disciplines needed to successfully fulfil our client's expectations. Our aim is always to exceed our clients expectations in terms of the value anticipated for the company, alongside securing the best future home for the business following its sale. Whilst no company can guarantee the sale of any company, we can prepare the ground to give you the best possible chance to do so. 

Our operational teams are committed to providing the most effective and tailored strategies around the issue of preparing company shareholders for the sale of what is often their largest asset.

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We deliver

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M&A Process Optimization

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The Path to Success

Our aim is to ensure that each of our clients has a choice of financially strong & strategically motivated buyers. Having a choice of buyers enables us to A) complete the best transaction, B) deliver a robust & superior price and deal structure, C) secure a solid future for the company, by matching your business with acquirers who want to invest in the future. Ultimately our client chooses the right buyer. However by optimizing the process through leveraging a dynamic research model and by understanding each negotiation point we ensure that our client remains in control of the sale process.

A Comprehensive Approach

We design a company sale strategy to precisely match your objectives. It is never a case of one size fits all, however there are a number of fundamentals that are consistent and will provide a framework around which our experienced teams will create the conditions for a successful transaction. An M&A process can be described as being like a sailing ship travelling to a specific destination. Together with you we set the sails within a dynamic environment often buffeted by different interests but with one objective in mind, to arrive at your predetermined destination.

Expert Guidance

Diligence isn't just a word we use to describe the later stages of a transaction, it's about the entire process, whether creating the right documentation, developing an appealing but defensible financial plan to interest potential buyers in the future of your business, comprehensively researching the market to identify buyers and secure the feedback required to steer the project, generating & negotiating multiple offers, as well as driving the later stage due diligence towards an agreed completion date. We guide you so that, without surprises, everyone is fully prepared for the sale process.



Simon Gregory has 30 years experience in M&A & across hundreds of domestic and international transactions. Simon leads the BCMS Switzerland team with a focus on assisting shareholders to adopt the most robust & result oriented business sale strategies. At a team level Simon has a granular understanding of what clients hope to achieve through the sale of the company. He is a strategist and a tactician with the ability to deliver complex tasks and projects.

Simon Gregory - CEO


Aymeric d'Anselme is a creative deal maker with a track record in selling mid-size businesses to global groups as well as to private equity buyers, working across multiple sectors and jurisdictions. He has the ultimate responsiblity for making sure that each BCMS Switzerland client receives great advice so that their expectations are entirely met throughout the M&A process. He is a skillful negotiator with a deep understanding of how to progress complex deals to final completion.

Aymeric d'Anselme - Deputy CEO


Véronique Pollacsek is a high-level cross functional expert with more than 20 years experience in working closely with C-level executives delivering the attention to detail that is required to complete any transaction. She is a Lean Six Sigma practitioner at Black-Belt level with a background in delivering quality initiatives within some of the world's largest industrial conglomerates on a global scale. Véronique leverages her insights and initiatives to quality manage each unique transaction whilst supporting every stakeholder involved in the delivery and completion of the M&A transaction.

Veronique Pollacsek - COO

Contact us to request a meeting

Western Switzerland: Avenue de la Harpe 49 | 1007 Lausanne Ouchy  - Canton of  Vaud
Eastern Switzerland (Zurich area):  8832 Wollerau - Canton of  Schwyz 

Contact phone number: +41 (0) 21 588 0291 or e-mail us from our contact page

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