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Crossborder Deal announcement

February 2021 - BCMS Switzerland completes the sale of Swiss-headquartered Stratex SA to Belgium-based Bontexgeo, a portfolio company of Nimbus.

Belgian-headquartered Bontexgeo, the European market leader in geotextiles, backed by private equity firm Nimbus headquartered in Zeist, Netherlands with offices in the UK and Germany, has acquired Stratex SA one of the leading geotextile material suppliers to the highway construction and repair sector in Switzerland.

About Stratex SA - - Stratex SA is a leader in Switzerland in the supply of own-brand geosynthetics serving markets such as road building, building construction, flat roof drainage, retention, or protection as well as landscaping industries. Founded in 1998, Stratex is one of Switzerland’s strongest players, operating in a market with 71,500 kilometres of roads, and an extremely dense transportation network. Over the next three years the Swiss government has committed more than €9 billion to road building & repairs. Stratex offers several key competitive advantages. These include a highly developed logistics platform, superior products, and service quality, shortened delivery times, product development skills, alongside market competitive pricing. Stratex SA has also developed the international marketplace supplying its geotextile products to France, Germany, Belgium & Luxembourg. The group operates from a strategically located state-of-the-art & purpose-built award-winning logistics hub, designed for large scale operations on a +5,000 m2 plot and benefitting from significant storage capacity. This will also allow it to meet the growth opportunities available throughout its key markets following its strategic partnership with Bontexgeo.

About Bontexgeo NV - - Bontexgeo has a long history, dating back to 1925. Since the 1980s it has been developing, producing and providing woven and nonwoven geotextiles to the international marketplace. During that period, the company name has changed a few times trading as Bonar Technical Fabrics, Geotipptex, Bonar and Low & Bonar. Bontexgeo is today a wholly owned company within the portfolio of Dutch private equity firm Nimbus.

About Nimbus - – with offices in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, Nimbus currently has around 35 companies in its portfolio spread across Europe. The companies in its portfolio are almost exclusively manufacturing companies. Nimbus invests in European-based medium-sized industrial companies with annual turnover between 10 million to 500 million and a strong market position.

BCMS Lead Advisor Aymeric d’Anselme commented: “Stratex SA stands out as a clear market leader with a compelling story of ongoing success even throughout the pandemic. The company was able to onboard many more clients during 2020 as well as to increase its footprint across German-speaking Switzerland.”

BCMS Client commented: “The whole team at Stratex is delighted to have joined Bontexgeo as the outcome of BCMS' clearly defined process. We were particularly impressed by BCMS’ team availability, commitment and tenacity throughout the entire transaction. From a process perspective, BCMS’ 30-year history and expertise in selling companies, their advice and ongoing support, allowed us to successfully complete our objectives. From day one the team provided strong leadership, guidance and counsel throughout the sale process resulting in a buyer that will assist Stratex SA to enter a new and exciting next chapter.”

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